Friday, December 28, 2012

Cool Pokemon Subway Boss Nobori Cosplay

What do you think of pokemon Subway Boss Nobori cosplay? In my point of view, this is cool and attractive choice in the eyes of cosplay boys and girls, yeah, this pokemon cosplay is suitable for crossplay.

Nobori and his twin brother Emmet are the leaders of the Battle Subway in Pokemon Black and White; hence, two of them look the same except their clothes. What is more, this is an ideal couple cosplay choice for those cosplayers who want to do such kind of imitation.

Pokemon Subway Boss Ingo cosplay always looks so cool and special in my hearts; the hat, the gray hair and the long cloak are quite impressive.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cute Pokemon Black and White Gym Leader Homika Cosplay

This pokemon black and white gym leader Homika cosplay is soooo cute! I love it soooo much! All the things about this Homika are amazing, the white wig is beautiful, the cosplay costume is cute, the boots are also cute and the guitar is just cool. This cosplayer makes me want to do pokemon Homika cosplay someday now!
Picture Credit

As for the character of Homika (Roxie), she is a young and cool Poison-type Gym Leader in Pokemon Black and White, with spiky white hair and blue eyes. She wears fashionale clothes and cool boots. Roxie is one of the interesting and popular cosplay choices to the impersonators.

And if you are not into the girly or complicated style, but want to find something easy, cute and dynamic with certain prop, this pokemon balck and white Homika cosplay would bring you tons of enjoyment.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Minun Cosplay

What a cute pokemon Minun cosplay it is! Minun is adorable creature itself and this cute cosplay girl Merychan shows up a really lovely Minin by beautiful long blue wig and cute cosplay costume. I love this pokemon gijinka cosplay. And the pretty red-haired girl is portraying Plusle, she is also cute.

Picture Credit
As the Electric-type pokemon, Minun is one of the cutest members among the hundreds of pokemon. It has large blue ears, and there are blue-colored circles on its cheeks and forepaws and tail, besides the color of blue, another one is light yellow covers the rest part of its body, except eyes, dot-like nose and mouth.

This pokemon cosplay is also an easy choice for us to display cute and girly appearance at cons. And what type of costume we want to put on to present Minun totally depends on us, it is a creative job!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pokemon Gijinka Luxray Cosplay

Picture Credit

We cannot deny that pokemon gijinka Luxray cosplay is a cool type of choice for both boys and girls to show characteristic cosplay (of course, each Pokemon is unique:)) And we could find that there are a lot of cosplayers are into this species, some of them are really cool and some of them are sexy, while some are quite special.

Personally, I am easily attracted by the male pokemon gijinka Luxray cosplay which is so alluring, the main reason is that I am a girl:p At the same time, girls’ Luxray cosplay is also outstanding and attractive.

As the Electric-type pokemon, Luxray has the appearance of lion, there are gold rings on the backs of legs, the main color of its body are blue and black, plus a long black tail with a gold star shape on the tip. Hence, based on the three colors, we could make any type of cosplay costumes as long as we like, and what kind of pokemon gijinka Luxray cosplay we finally display totally depends on our imagination and skill.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cute Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay

Cute thing would be always one of the most attractive things to girls, right? The same as Pokemon Pikachu:) And one of the best way to express our affection to someone or something is to dress up as them in the cosplay cons and the parties, yeah, that is to say cosplay Pikachu would help us express ourselves to the fullest by wearing the kawaii Pikachu costume.

Like what the two cosplayers do in the pics. They looks really adorable and cute, the yellow costume is in the form of one-piece hooded suit, the eyes and the ears of Pikachu on the hood makr the outfit so vivid, it can be said that any of us put on this suit would look quite visual and lovely. And the great feast Christmas is coming up; to dress up as kawaii Pokemon Pikachu would be a cool plan for it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sexy Pokemon Snorlax Gijinka Cosplay

What do you think of this pokemon Snorlax cosplay? Personally, I was totally shocked by this talented girl when I saw her Snorlax cosplay at the first sight, she shows us completely different interpretation from the common pokemon Snorlax gijinka cosplays, yeah, this is unqiue and sexy. The ears and the dress are extremely cute.

Picture Credit

Generally, the round and cute image in drak blue or green would come to our mind when we talk about Kabigon, and a lot of cosplay boys and girls are interested in this pokemon cosplay. But, I have to say this is one of the best Snorlax cosplays I have seen. What about yours?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adorable Pokemon Magikarp Cosplays

Aha, Pokemon Magikarp cosplay is really interesting and looks so adorable. It looks like that each cosplay could display cute Magikarp, probably because it has kawaii outside looks itself and we could always feel the unique charm of Magikarp.
Picture Credit

Magikarp is a Water-type pokemon in the form of reddish orange fish in medium size, plus the large and heavy scales, fins and long barbells, in one word, it looks the same as the normal fish.
In this way, the same as the other pokemon cosplays, this is also a creative job and we could dress any clothes of Magikarp as long as we like. And it is a safe bet that we could acctract a lot of people in whatever cosplay costume as long as it belongs to Magikarp.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pokemon Lugia Cosplay

Although pokemon Lugia is a genderless species, it look like that cosplay girls are more into this pokemon and boys are more into the Shadow Lugia. Ok, today’s topic is pokemon Lugia cosplay J The same as the other species, this one is a creative and interesting choice for us to display different kinds of Lugia in the shows. It could be quite easy or very complicated as long as we like, which totally depends on us. We could easily find various styles of Lugia cosplayers in the activities.
Picture Credit

From the outside appearance of pokemon Lugia, it is a large creature and looks like a dragon and bird with mostly pale silver-white skin, meanwhile; there are blue and other tones. Lugia has long slender necks and large wings. Plus, there are the spike-like protrusions on its back and at the end of its tail.
In this way, two main colors must be included in our Lugia cosplay costume, namely, silver-white and blue. And then we could create any style of outfit for this pokemon cosplay. Here are some creative ones, which one do you like?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What If Boy Cosplays Pokemon Misty?

We know that pokemon Misty is incredibly popular and well-known, and we could always find the beautiful, sexy and cute Misty cosplays that are displayed by the girls at different cons, but what if boy cosplays Misty? Have you ever seen that?

 I found some interesting and impressive pokemon Misty cosplay boys. Due to the simple clothes of this girl, it is somewhat easy for male to dress up as the cute and sunny girl, all includes top and shorts. Cosplay is all about having fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interesting Pokemon Gijinka Sudowoodo Cosplay

If you are looking for the interesting and easy cosplay, pokemon gijinka Sudowoodo cosplay is a good choice for you. As the rock-type pokemon, Sudowoodo has cute appearance, namely the plant-like looks, including brown and long body with some yellow spots on it, plus short legs with toe-less feet, green club-shaped hands and a forked patern on its head. Hence, the main color of it is brown.
Picture Credit

As for Sudowoodo cosplay, we could wear the brown outfit and hair in varied forms, such as dress, long blouse, coat, skirt and the like, anything will be ok as long as we like. That is to say, this pokemon cosplay is a creative job which totally depends on our imagination and sewing skill.
It would be quite interesting to make our own cosplay costume for the purpose of presenting our favorite and the lovely pokemon Sudowoodo (Usokkie).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cool Pokemon Gym Leader Green Cosplay

Wow, how cool the pokemon gym leader Green cosplay it is! Yeah, we could not deny that it is a relatively easy but notable cosplay amongst tons of other choices. It is also an interesting cosplay. Except the spiky brown hair that might need some skill to style it like the one of Green, this is an ideal one for newbie. We could put the Green cosplay costume together from our wardrobe or stores.

And there are different images of Green in this series, hence, we could dress up as pokemon Green in more than one cosplay dress. And the cosplayers in the pictures are dressing the purple top and blue jeans. And I love their wigs very much, they look so impressive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yellow Pokmeon Psyduck Cosplay

Pokemon Psyduck cosplay is intesting and adorable in the eyes of the cosplayers because of the cute appearance of Psyduck and the cute color yellow. Psyduck is a water-type pokemon and looks like a yellow dark, its vacant stare makes it quite kawaii. There are three clusters of hair at the top of the head. It walks on its hind legs. Plus, Psyduck has stubby tail and arms with three claws on each.
Picture Credit
Picture Credit

There are so many cute and creative Psyduck cosplays that made by cosplay girls and boys dressing the yellow cosplay costumes, such as the dress, hoddie and pants. It seems that they could attract us easily whatever they wear. It can be a very easy cosplay and also be complex one that totally depends on you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pokemon Trainer Cynthia Cosplay

When we are into some kind of cosplay, more often than not, it is because of the fact that we love the character or the clothes hold our interest. In terms of pokemon Cynthia cosplay, some girls are fond of the black costume and the long hair, meanwhile, some of the cosplay girls are really fond of Cynthia for that she is a great pokemon trainer. Anyhow, we are attracted by Cynthia cosplay.

As for Cynthia, she is one of powerful pokemon trainers, cares for all the pokemon including good and bad ones. She has long blonde hair which makes her sexy and charming. And on my part, this pokemon cosplay is suitable for both mature and cute girls. It seems that the color of black always reveals a feeling of mysteriousness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pokemon Trainer Dawn Cosplay

More often than not, when speaking of pokemon cosplay, like Misty and Red, Dawn must be one of the characters that come to our mind at first. It can be said that Dawn cosplay has become the classical one in the eyes of the pokemon fans and cosplayers. Hence, we could enjoy countless impersonators dressing the typical costume including white hat, blue hair/wig, black top, pink skirt and boots.
Picture Credit

Picture Credit

Pokemon Dawn is a tough, hasty, active and lovely girl, it seems that happiness and laughter is always come along with her, for which she could bring good mood and happiness to all the people who around her. If you are a happy girl or want to bring others happiness, you should try pokemon trainer Dawn cosplay.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pokemon Glaceon Cosplay

Pokemon Glaceon cosplay is one of the best cosplay choices for girls who want to try the creative and unique style. Glaceon is a fox-like pokemon with light blue fur, the same most of the pokemon in the series, it is quite cute. There is a toque on its head, and dark blue spots on the inner ears, back, tail and feet, while the deep blue colors look like a pair of boots on its feet.
Picture Credit

Picture Credit

Pokemon Glaceon mainly has two colors all over its body that is an easy job for us to create the cosplay costume, namely, light blue and dark blue. And it seems that girls are more creative than boys because we could find a lot of amazing Glaceon cosplay shown by girls.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adorable Pokemon Trainer Lyra Cosplay

I love pokemon trainer Lyra cosplay ^^ because the costume and the hat of Lyra are so adorable, of course Lyra is also a cute girl. I am always into such kind of clothes like overalls or dungarees, they look so cool! The white hat with red ribbon on it is quite cute. Lyra has brown eye and hair.
Obviously, this is an easy cosplay for girls to do a homemade cosplay. The blue overalls with red shirt with long sleeves could be found at the local store. Plus the red shoe and white stockings maybe could be found in the wardrobe.
Kotone from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver is a good choice for any of us and it is really a simple and kawaii cosplay.
Picture Credit
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