Friday, July 8, 2011

Sexy Pokémon Cosplay

In the matter of the pokemon cosplay, it seems that the sexy cosplay is the hottest one for girls. When I search it on the internet or have a look at the cosplayers in the show, most of the pokemon cosplay girls look really sexy. Although, the characters from Pokémon are the young and cute ones, these imitators are indeed finish a good job and surprize us.
As one of the fashion manners for the young to show and express their special lifestyle and pesonality, cosplay speedy absorbs the attention of them and become the particular way of relaxing and expressing. Before you start it, it is not so simple as you might think. On the other hand, it is not so hard as you think. Cosplay is such kind of activity which contains a lot of the elements, only after you participate in it, can you have a clear mind. And the result of the show all depends on you including your skill, experience and other factors.
And the girl in the pokemon Misty cosplay costume shows a different sexy Misty by her creative cosplay. At the first glance, we know who she portrays and then we could behold other dissimilar glamour showed by her from the other cosplayers. In a word, she is a succesful Misty cosplayer.

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