Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pokémon Team Rocket James Cosplay

As for some of the cosplay boys, cosplay pokemon team rocket James becomes one of the hot choices among the other pokemon characters. James is the most awesome villain from pokémon in the heart of some of the boys who are just right keen on the feeling of the baddie. Cosplay James really could bring the cosplayers great fun.
Pokémon Team Rocket James Cosplay
 As one of the members of the Team Rocket, actually, there are three including the pokemon Meowth, James is such a boy who was in a rich family but hasn’t any freedom in his family, so he escapes from his forced marriage and then joins in the team for the sake of free life. However, he has to obey Jessie’s order all the way. Anyhow, the existence of James strengthens the attraction of the pokemon series, and it would be less interest without the image of James.
Pokémon James cosplay of course dose not fit some of the cosplay boys, some like it, some do otherwise. But we know that different people have different opinions and interest, and cosplay is such kind of activity that provides us with the opportunity to show our personal lifestyle and interest. Hence, if you love James, put on the cosplay costume and participate in the show, if not, try the other character you like.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Controversial Pokemon Paul Cosplay

As for pokémon Paul cosplay, some of the cosplayers love it but some are not so into it. He is a controversial figure in the eyes of the people. A part of the people think him is a jerk for that he is so serious, rude and irritating, especially the way he treats his pokemon. On the other hand, some believe that he is the one who knows how to train a good pokemon team. I saw a roll on the internet which is about the pokemon character for cosplay, when asking their favorite roles, there are Pokémon Misty, Pikachu, Ash, Brock and of course with no exception of Paul and so on in the list. Each one has their own choice in their heart. That’s the norm. There is no accounting for tastes. In my view, he is a great choice for cosplay.
Pokemon Paul Cosplay
As a pokémon trainer, Paul is experienced and has traveled many of the areas. He makes his appearance in the Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl in which he begins to travel through Sinnoh, where is a rival to Ash. Different form the Ash's other rivals, Paul is a serious and reticent trainer. In terms of her appearance, the hairdo and his accoutrement are suitable for both cosplay boys and girls.

As the cosplayers in the picture shows, she looks great. It does no matter what the others say, what you should do is to choose your favorite one for your cosplay.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Different Pokemon Mudkips Cosplays Showed By Cosplayer

      It seems that pokemon Mudkips is a hot and popular choice in the cosplayers’ heart including boys and girls. All these imitators derive great pleasure out of this type of pokemon cosplay.
      How could a little thing attract so many fans? Let’s take a look at the pics of these cosplayers and then you will get the answer. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Pink Pokemon Jigglypuff cosplay

Pokémon Jigglypuff cosplay is one of the popular activities for both boys and girls. As one of the monsters, Jigglypuff makes its first appearance in the video game Pokémon Red and Blue and the subsequent series. When speaking of this pokemon, it is a must to mention something about its outside looks. It is really a cute and attractive little thing which captures the heart of boys and girls. It has big and round head with a pair of big eyes but has short legs, and it can be said that whoever have a look at Jigglypuff would be enamored with it.
Pokemon Jigglypuff Mascot Cosplay
In this way, it is naturally that a large number of cosplayers do this kind of cosplay. There are always different ways of portraying Jigglypuff, such as wear the pink pokemon Jigglypuff hat, dress the pink cosplay costume along with a Jigglypuff-formed umbrella, the Jigglypuff cosplay outfit with a big pair of eyes on the coat or just wear the Jigglypuff mascot or others. The different appearaces totally depend on cosplayers’ imagination and creation; some of them buy the accoutrement while some of them make it by themselves. The only certainty is that each of them could get enjoyment form their cosplay.
 What about yours?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Get Enjoyment from These Amusing Pokemon Pictures

Yeah, I just find some interesting and funny pictures of Pokémon on the Internet. I can get a lot of enjoyment just by looking at them. Let’s enjoy it together.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pokemon Cute Charmander Cosplay

What do you think of the Pokémon Charmander cosplay? Charmander firstly appeared in the Pokemon Red and Blue. It is a quite cute and charmming little thing and brings us a lot of fun. The same as the other pokemon species, it captures the heart of the boys and girls.
Pokémon Charmander cosplay
 In regard to cosplay pokemon Charmander, both boys and girls show strong interest in this activity, especially to girls. Generally speaking, all the cute and lovely things are terribly captivating to girls, in this way, not excepting Charmander. The big eyes and mouth, the short legs and the navei tail, all of them display a naïve appearance.
As the cosplay girl in the picture shows, the pokemon cosplay costume looks quite endearing and it is in the form of jumpsuit, meanwhile, the cap shows a special appeal. In addition, the orange and the yellow color add the glamour of the suit. I can image that she would be recognized as the real Charmander form the back. How fun it is! Each cosplayer will display different looks by means of dressing the Charmander clothing, boys and girls; it is time for you to show yourself now!
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