Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pokémon Cosplay: Silver Cosplay

Since the appearance of the Pokémon Golden and Silver, there are a good many of fanatics correspondingly exist. And at the same time, cosplay the charcaters of this game is also becomes popular and holds both boys and girls’ interest deeply. As the protagonist, Silver is a young and quite boy features shoulder-length red hairdo with the ends of the hair curled in a loose roll. In terms of his accoutrement which is made up of jacket with long sleeve and purple pants. It is really a remarkable get-up.
Pokémon Silver Cosplay
It seems that such kind of young and cute character is more attractive to the girls that most of the notable pokemon Silver cosplayers are the girls. Gernerally, this type of imitating, namely the gender-crossing cosplay could more easily win applause of others. On the other hand, boys may pay less attention to this one probably because that Silver is too cute or something else. However, it no longer signifies, and the most important thing is that get enjoyment from our pokenmon cosplay show.
From the picture, I could realize the amazing feeling of this cosplayer, what about you?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay

If you are the fan of Pokemon Black and White and eager to bring the character into reality, cosplay Cheren is of course the best way. And at the same time, he is one of the hot choices for the pokemon cosplayers. As one of the rivals in this series, Cheren is highly gifted and faithful to player, and he often gives the player character advice and trains the player’s skills.
Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay
Pokemon Cheren cosplay is enjoyable that either boy or girl show interest in this impersonating. And we could notice that many cosplay girls do the gender-crossing cosplay in the show while dressing the beatuful cosplay costume. It probably becasuse that he is not so strong or manly as the other characters for the figure or the appearance. Instead, he is thin and cute, in this way he is suitable for both girls and boys.
     More often than not, many of the cosplay girls did a better job than the boys. They really look the same as Cheren including the semblance, the behavior and the sight, as a whole, the whole feeling is great. Anyhow, we could appreciate many of the wonderful pokemon cosplays in the activity.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pokemon Cosplay Wigs for the Show

As for the cosplay, the wig is a must for it. There are all kinds of pokemon costumes for the cosplayers to make a choice and of course with no exception of the corresponding wig. And we choose the wig on the premise that it is needful for you, that is to say the role you choose has the different style from your own hair. In this case, you should get the similar wig for your show. Or just make use of your hair.
Pokemon Misty Cosplay Wig
And there are some pokemon characters that you needn’t wear the wig, but some of them are really necessary. Such as the Team Rocket Jessie and James cosplay, especiall for Jessie, her hairdo is grotesque and exaggerated, so it is needful to put on the wig instead of yours. The same as the James, most of the boys ought to buy the wig and then you could show a perfect cosplay. Many of the girls also need to get the wig for Pokémon Iris cosplay and Misty cosplay.
     It is the Misty cosplay wig in the picture, the short orange one. So if you are the fan of Misty but you wear the black, red or any other different colors, this piece is essential to your cosplay for the purpose of getting an excellent show. In a word, as long as you are a devoted cosplay enthusiast, you will have a clear mind that each of the details is crucial for the imitating, not to mention the wigs.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Bianca cosplay

Bianca is one of the female rivals in Pokemon Black and White and has a mighty heart. Besides, she is innocent but is not so reliable sometimes. Anyhow, there is something attractive and interesting that make many of the cosplay girls focus their attention on this pokemon coosplay.
Picture Credit
As it shows in the picture, the girl wears the ornage shirt-vest with the V neck, the white undershirt and the skirt that goes past the knee and is semi-fitted all the way down, plus the light blue hat and bag. The cosplay costume and the accessories are interesting and distinctive while display a unique style among the other cosplays.
Even though Bianca is not so famous as the moster Pikachu, she is also an outstanding girl in the eyes of her followers representing a patent charm. Weather you are a fan of pokemon or the fan of Bianca, you should try this pokemon Black and White cosplay. And I’m sur that as long as you start it, you will be keen on it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sexy Pokémon Cosplay

In the matter of the pokemon cosplay, it seems that the sexy cosplay is the hottest one for girls. When I search it on the internet or have a look at the cosplayers in the show, most of the pokemon cosplay girls look really sexy. Although, the characters from Pokémon are the young and cute ones, these imitators are indeed finish a good job and surprize us.
As one of the fashion manners for the young to show and express their special lifestyle and pesonality, cosplay speedy absorbs the attention of them and become the particular way of relaxing and expressing. Before you start it, it is not so simple as you might think. On the other hand, it is not so hard as you think. Cosplay is such kind of activity which contains a lot of the elements, only after you participate in it, can you have a clear mind. And the result of the show all depends on you including your skill, experience and other factors.
And the girl in the pokemon Misty cosplay costume shows a different sexy Misty by her creative cosplay. At the first glance, we know who she portrays and then we could behold other dissimilar glamour showed by her from the other cosplayers. In a word, she is a succesful Misty cosplayer.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pokémon Cosplay in Our Life

When it comes to the name of Pokémon, some people may be tell you that they have heard of it, and some may shake their heads, but most of the people will become excited when speaking of it and they are will to tell you all his or her knowledge of Pokémon. Especially for the youth, it can be said that nearly all of them are familiar with it and have a deep affection for this series.
And then it is time to talk about the pokemon cosplay, which is a popular and worldwide fashion followed by countless devotees. There are various kinds of shows and conventions held all the year round centers on the theme of pokemon cosplay. It is a safe bet that we could find all kind of people come from all over the world in a great pokemon gatherings or conventions. As long as you are the devoted fan of pokemon and are keen on the activity of cosplay, any of you could participate in such kind of activity sharing your own show with other kindred spirits.
 Put on the same accoutrement as the pokemon character you chose together with other pokemon cosplayers in the convention or the show, which would be a fantastic scene that is unimagined to you. Both boys and girls dress the various types of pokemon cosplay costume showing the respective appearance, how wonderful! Pokémon cosplay is really an irresistible piece in our heart.
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