Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cosplay Tutorial: How to Make Pokemon Cubone Head

If you are interested in to making the cute and special skull-like head of Karakara, here I am going to share a great tutorial with you today. Enjoy your Pokemon cosplay!
How to make Cubone head with aluminum foil and paper mache?
1. Get the shape of your head with aluminum foil.
2. Add the details with aluminum foil (horns, fangs and nose)
3. Give forms to the edges.
4. When you done giving the form and adding the details cover it with masking tape. 5. Cover it with 2-3 layers of paper mache.
6. Once its dry paint it and cover it with modge podge and you done :)!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beautiful Pokemon XY Gym Leader Valerie Cosplay

Have you cosplayed this pokemon Gym Leader Valerie? Comparing with most other leaders, Mache has really distinctive and eye-catching costume that is designed by her for the purpose of identifying herself with pokemon; the large and long sleeves do look like a pair of wings, so it would make any cosplayers quite noticeable.
And this talented cosplayer who made the pokemon Valerie costume on her own, yes, she is so skilled at sewing; I want to have these skillful hands. If you also have problem with making your own pokemon Mache outfit, feel free to ask her➡➡Tasha Lee

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Funny and Cute Pokemon Gifs

      Cute and funny things play an important and useful part in our life, especially when we are feeling down. And as for me, I really could be cured by these cute pokemon. I think that most pokemon fans would agree with me, right? If you are upset, depressed or sad, just take staring at these funny and cute pokemon gifs, and then you will find that everything will be ok soon.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Stylish Pokemon Gym Leader Morty Cosplay

As the Gym Leader of Ecruteak Gym in Pokemon, Morty is a young guy and uses Ghost-type pokemon; he has golden-blond hair that is kept away from his face by a wide purple headband, meanwhile, the purple long scarf, black top and beige pants, which is the most popular form of Matsuba with cosplayers.

It looks like that cosplay pokemon Morty always could make any cosplayers cool and fashionable. Yeah, this pokemon gym leader also has simple but stylish outfit that is a good idea for boys and girls to enjoy great fun.

picture credit
picture credit
picture credit

Monday, November 2, 2015

Beautiful Pokemon Trainer Shirona Cosplay Girls

picture credit

The long blonde hair and the long black coat with black feathers attaching on the cuffs and on the end of the coat, and black scarf around the neck, along with black top underneath, these features would make cosplayers a noticeable and beautiful pokemon Shirona. As the powerful pokemon trainer, Cynthia is a nice and kind person. Hence, there are many cosplay girls fond of this pokemon cosplay, and here are some beautiful shots of Shirona I am going to share with you today. Enjoy!

picture credit

picture credit

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Imaginative Pokemon and Sailor Moon Crossover Cosplay

Wow, this is just so great and amazing! I just love these pokemon and Sailor Moon cosplay girls so much, they are talented and imaginative. How could they do this fantastic cosplay? Although I already knew that there are so many geniuses who are good at creating outstanding things, I was shocked when I saw them. Well done!
picture source

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Minun Cosplay Girl

Generally speaking, Pokemon Minun cosplay is one of the ideal ideas for cosplayers who are looking for simple costumes; of course, there are some special cosplayers who are so talented that they could design complicated clothes all the time. Minun is an Electric-type pokemon with cream color and blue markings, blue signs on checks, long, flat ears, yeah, it is quite a cute species.
picture credit
So, when it comes to cosplay pokemon Minun, all colors we need are blue and cream, and as for what style would be designed for this pokemon, such as dress, skirt, shirt, coat, pants or others, it totally depends on cosplayer’s interest. And this cosplay girl dresses up as a lovely Minun by wearing one-piece blue dress, white gloves and silver shoulder-length wig; apparently, she chose the simple and cute style clothes. What do you think of her pokemon Gijinka cosplay?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Cosplay Pokemon Eevees On Halloween

Pokemon Eevee cosplay is one of the most pop ideas for girls and boys to enjoy special and interesting fun, especially for girls who are into kawaii clothes. Halloween is coming, this pokemon cosplay would be a good idea for us to be noticeable and popular, and it could be much more intriguing if we do the group costume play with our friends like these girls and boys in the pictures.
picture credit

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beautiful Pokemon Gym Leader Kamitsure Cosplay

picture credit

      Pokemon Gym Leader Kamitsure cosplay is good idea for girls who are looking for easy ideas that also could make them quite beautiful and eye-catching. As the first female Gym Leader who uses electric pokemon, Elesa is a popular girl in the eyes of pokemon fans and cosplayers. In addition, Kamitsure is also a fashion model when she is not in gym battling.

    The (bright) yellow/blonde wig and sexy yellow and black costume make these cosplayers quite pretty and stylish. It is also a great Halloween cosplay ideas.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Ho-oh Cosplay


        Pokemon Ho-Oh is a Fire/Flying type species, it looks like a phoenix and a peacock, so Houou is quite beautiful and eye-catching due of the large and prismatic wings and tail. In this way, the Gijinka costume of Ho-Oh need much work, maybe it is because of this fact, and there are not lots of cosplayers doing this pokemon cosplay.

       I found a cute cosplayer who presents us a really lovely Ho-Oh by dressing the beautiful red dress and scarlet wig. Do you like this Ho-Oh? By the way, it is also a good halloween cosplay idea!
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