Monday, May 28, 2012

Kawaii Pokemon Mareep Cosplay

Okay, today’s pokemon cosplay centers on Mareep. More often than not, we cannot resist the cute things, especially to girls, and on my part, Mareep is one of the cutest pokemon. When I am thinking of the yellow fleece, the dark blue body and round ears, I can not help wanting to hug it.
Picture Credit
Mareep is the electric-type pokemon and a lamb-like creature with a long tail with a yellow ball at the tip. It is really an ideal and popular cosplay choice for cosplay girls who are into the cute and easy cosplay. At the same time, this is also a creative imitation for us, hence, we could dress up as Mareep in different cosplay costumes as long as we want.
Like the cosplay girl in the pic, she looks really cute and adorable. Yeah, she makes an eye-catching pokemon cosplay.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pokemon Black and White: Triplets Cilan, Chili and Cress Cosplay

  Do you ever try the pokemon triplets Cilan, Chili and Cress cosplay? Yeah, this is a cool and interesting group cosplay, do you agree? In the matter of the pokemon characters, probably, we cannot name them one by one because of the numerous roles of Pokemon. And each of us has got our respective favorite, with no exception of Dento, Poddo and Koon.
Each of them specializes in a different type. Cilan is the Grass specialist, Cress is the Water master, and Chili favors Fire Pokemon. Clian has light green hair and green eyes, and Cress has blue hair covering his right eye and the same color eyes while Chili has dark red hair and eyes. They are all pokemon gym leaders and also the waiters. Hence, their typical cosplay costume is in the form of white shirt, black jacket and pants and bow tie that is the only difference of their clothes.

 Absolutely, this pokemon cosplay is really interesting and suitable for group cosplay. Of course, each of them is also a good choice for personal cosplay. If you haven’t done this group cosplay, and then you should have a try.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pokemon Gym Leader Liza and Tate Cosplay

As for this couple of pokemon Gym Leader, Liza and Tate cosplay is really suitable for twin cosplay or two girls cosplay, do you agree with me? What is more, if you prefer the simple but special style, this pokemon cosplay would up your alley.

Liza and Tate are the Psychic-type Gym Leader and they have the dual-typed pokemon all the way. They look the same except their hairstyles, as Liza hangs down her hair at the two sides of his shoulder while Tate ties all her hair up on her head. In terms of their costumes, they are in the same form, namely, the blue top with light red at the hem of the clothes and short sleeves, plus blue trousers with light red hem.
Picture Credit

So, twins cosplayers, of course means girls, this is an easy cosplay for you, if you are the fresh cosplayer, this is an ideal choice. And if you are experienced impersonator, this would help you to display an eye-catching cosplay in the show.

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