Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cool Pokemon Gijinka Croagunk Cosplay

      Have you done this special pokemon cosplay yet? What style of clothes would you do for this Poison pokemon if you are going to join comic convention or other activities?
picture credit
       This pokemon gijinka Croagunk cosplay display a creative Gureggru, the short blue wig, the blue costume, the black gloves and the boots, along with the cute maske, makes this cosplayer a very impressive.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great Pokemon Black and White Touya Cosplay

How many times have you done pokemon black and white Touya cosplay? This easy but meaningful cosplay could bring us special joy all the time. Both boys and girls could pull off Hilber as long as we like due of the typical costume and handsome face of this boy.

picture credit

All we need are the brown hair, blue jacket, black and blue messager bag, and the red and white cap and pants, along with the pokeball. This pokemon cosplay looks really great; everything is good enough to make this girl a vivid Hilbert.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kawaii Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay Couple

Have done pokemon Pikachu cosplay yet? It can be said that most cosplayers have done this kawaii and creative pokemon cosplay. As the worldwide known little thing, Pikachu always could capture people’s heart easily because of its cute and adorable appearance; the round head and body, the short legs and the long ears and zigzag tail, all of them are the classical features of it.
picture credit

When it comes to pokemon Pikachu cosplay, there are countless forms we have seen, besides the mascot form and the pajamas style, there are all kinds of human form of Pikachu. Here are some really cute and good shots of girl and boy Pikachu cosplay for you today, two of them looks quite sweet and noticeable.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adorable Pokemon Gijinka Minccino Cosplay Girl

How many of you are attacted by pokemon Minccino? It looks like that any animal with big eyes and small body would be quite adorable to most girls. And this cute little thing Chillarmy is suck kind of pokemon. It can be said that there would be lots of girls and boys are fond of it, with no exception of cosplayers.

picture credit
As regards to pokemon Minccino, it is white species and looks like a chinchilla, with bushy and long tail. There is a tuft of hair on the head and neck, along with pink fur inside ears.

Obviously, this pokemon gijinka Minccino cosplay girl does great job on displaying vivid Chillarmy, the beautiful white hair, the large ears and the simple but cute costume, along with other cute things, she totally make a great pokemon cosplay.
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