Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interesting Pokemon Gijinka Sudowoodo Cosplay

If you are looking for the interesting and easy cosplay, pokemon gijinka Sudowoodo cosplay is a good choice for you. As the rock-type pokemon, Sudowoodo has cute appearance, namely the plant-like looks, including brown and long body with some yellow spots on it, plus short legs with toe-less feet, green club-shaped hands and a forked patern on its head. Hence, the main color of it is brown.
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As for Sudowoodo cosplay, we could wear the brown outfit and hair in varied forms, such as dress, long blouse, coat, skirt and the like, anything will be ok as long as we like. That is to say, this pokemon cosplay is a creative job which totally depends on our imagination and sewing skill.
It would be quite interesting to make our own cosplay costume for the purpose of presenting our favorite and the lovely pokemon Sudowoodo (Usokkie).

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