Monday, June 27, 2011

Focus Your Attention on the Pokemon Ivysaur Cosplay

Apart from the main human characters in the Pokémon, there are still many other Seed Pokémon for our cosplay. And Ivysaur, of course is one of the idea choice. It is one of the Seed Pokémon and is the evolved form of Bulbasaur which is smaller and shorter than it. In addition, its trademark bulb is the pink flower bud, and four leaves appear at the base of the bud.
How cute this species is! Look at the picture shows, the big shining eyes, the little body and each of its part turns on a charming looks. And could you think of the moment when you dress the same Pokemon Ivysaur Cosplay Costumes? Yeah, that would be fantastic! Put on the spot clothing along with the relative accessories, and the notable and special flower bud would actually attract all the cosplayers. You are the unique one in the show.
As the Pokémon Ivysaur cosplay in the picture shows, how do you feel now? Are you seized by the impulse to start this cosplay? Ok, just go ahead.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get Enjoyment from Harry Potter Cosplay

At the beginning, harry potter mainly holds the interest of the kids but not so many adults, with the advancement of the series, all the kids are growing while attracting more and more people at various ages. At the same time, as the popularity of cosplay gain an increasing number, harry potter cosplay attains its own reputation, which is totally due to the fame of the Harry Potter.
Harry Potter Cosplay

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When it comes to the name of it, we possibly will think of the novelty, imagination and suspense and the plots represent quick twists along with intricate details plus many different types of characters, creatures, spells, tricks. It is really something worth cosplaying. And no wonder that there are tons of harry potter cosplayers in the whole world, and people from all walks of life have their own views on this sort.
Whether for the purpose of experiencing the witchcraft feeling or showing affection of the exact role, or something else by cosplaying harry potter character, that’s ok as long as we could get enjoyment from it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cosplay Pokémon Iris with Your Heart

More often than not, the most notable feature of pokemon Iris is the color of her skin, the tan and the special hairdo. So she is the first and ideal choice for those cosplayers whose skin is in a dark color. When it comes to the pokemon Iris cosplay costumes, one of them is composed of the yellow and pink coat along with a bowknot on the bottom and the short pants, which represents a complete pokemon character.

Cosplaying Iris from Pokémon is truly in need of a skill and experience. If you are not a practiced cosplayer, and here I suggest you do not start this genre. I mean it. Since the image of Iris is specially feature, her hair and her skin, if are in lack of experience, and you will have no idea that how to portray a perfect Iris. Because you must have the same figure, the same skin and the behavior as her, as for the hair, you could purchase a same pokemon Iris wig from the seller, or you will be disappointed, so will the others.
In this way, cosplay pokemon Iris is something has difficulty, however, on the other hand, as long as you are a zealous fan of Iris, I’m sure that you could impersonate her with your full heart.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pokémon Cosplay Boys

         As I have talked about the Pokémon cosplay girls in the former post, and aside from the girls, there are of course Pokémon cosplay boys. Since many different male characters in the pokemon series, we could behold that various kinds of Pokémon cosplayers appear in the activity of portraying, showing others a colorful scene and appeal.
In terms of the roles, we could think of many of them at once, such as Ash Ketchum, Brock, Max, James and so forth. Cosplaying Pokémon is really an interesting and amused activity for imitators. On the one hand, those characters from this series are not so complex or difficult for boys to start such kind of show. On the other hand, even if the cosplay is full of difficulty, which is not the problem for them to do it as long as they are the devoted fans of the exact role.
As the picture shows, the two impersonators enjoy themselves in their pokemon Ash Ketchum cosplay and pokemon Gary Oak cosplay. And it is very interesting that the two of them are the adversary of each other in the pokemon, but they could be good friend in the show and any other roles as long as they want.

Anyhow, you have only to try this cosplay and you will get lots of fun from it. Boys, get moving now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pokemon Video-Pokemon in Real Life

This is a video about the pokemon, which tells the pokemon cosplayers imitate the fictional characters in the series what to do in their pokemon life. It is indeed interesting and pleasurable, and I have to say that all the impersonators act excellently, the cosplay costumes, the language or the actions, none of them is unpleasant. They are really great imitators, and we could not only feel the fun of cosplaying pokemon, but also receive the pleasurment they attempt bring us from this video.
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