Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pokémon Cosplay Boys

         As I have talked about the Pokémon cosplay girls in the former post, and aside from the girls, there are of course Pokémon cosplay boys. Since many different male characters in the pokemon series, we could behold that various kinds of Pokémon cosplayers appear in the activity of portraying, showing others a colorful scene and appeal.
In terms of the roles, we could think of many of them at once, such as Ash Ketchum, Brock, Max, James and so forth. Cosplaying Pokémon is really an interesting and amused activity for imitators. On the one hand, those characters from this series are not so complex or difficult for boys to start such kind of show. On the other hand, even if the cosplay is full of difficulty, which is not the problem for them to do it as long as they are the devoted fans of the exact role.
As the picture shows, the two impersonators enjoy themselves in their pokemon Ash Ketchum cosplay and pokemon Gary Oak cosplay. And it is very interesting that the two of them are the adversary of each other in the pokemon, but they could be good friend in the show and any other roles as long as they want.

Anyhow, you have only to try this cosplay and you will get lots of fun from it. Boys, get moving now!

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