Monday, June 27, 2011

Focus Your Attention on the Pokemon Ivysaur Cosplay

Apart from the main human characters in the Pokémon, there are still many other Seed Pokémon for our cosplay. And Ivysaur, of course is one of the idea choice. It is one of the Seed Pokémon and is the evolved form of Bulbasaur which is smaller and shorter than it. In addition, its trademark bulb is the pink flower bud, and four leaves appear at the base of the bud.
How cute this species is! Look at the picture shows, the big shining eyes, the little body and each of its part turns on a charming looks. And could you think of the moment when you dress the same Pokemon Ivysaur Cosplay Costumes? Yeah, that would be fantastic! Put on the spot clothing along with the relative accessories, and the notable and special flower bud would actually attract all the cosplayers. You are the unique one in the show.
As the Pokémon Ivysaur cosplay in the picture shows, how do you feel now? Are you seized by the impulse to start this cosplay? Ok, just go ahead.

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