Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lovely Pokemon Pikachu Cosplayer

What style of pokemon Pikachu cosplay have you done so far? What type of cosplayer do you perfer? Different people would have different ideas. Pikachu, as the most popular and well-known pokemon, has been overly done all the time, however, we are easily attracted by every cosplayer as long as we see they dressing up as Pikachu.

Today, I’m gonna share a very lovely pokemon Pikachu cosplayer with you, enjoy! If you like her cosplay, do not hesitate to give her a "LIKE" !!!
picture credit
Try this online cosplay site: Trustedeal to get different versions of Pikachu’s cosplay costume:http://www.trustedeal.com/Wholesale-Pokemon-Cosplay_c503.html
➳➳➳Just show them your pictures to custom-tailor it if you have your own costume idea. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)
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