Monday, April 13, 2015

Cool Pokmeon Trainer Steven Stone Cosplay

Have you ever done this pokeon cosplay yet? It looks like that Master Steel-type Trainer Steven Stone is not that overly popular with cosplayers; we know that like Misty, Ash or Red are really exaggeratedly pop in the eyes of both males and females. Howerver, it does not matter what the character is or how many fans have they got, we could get the best enjoyment as long as we are dressing up as our favorite character, right?
      Cosplay pokemon Daigo Tsuwabuki also could make us a cool and specail cospayer. The light steel blue hair and the black style costume are easy enough for us to pull it off, and many of the items we could get from our wardrobe. So this pokemon cosplay is an easy and cheap cosplay idea for girls and boys.
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