Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Imaginative Pokemon and Sailor Moon Crossover Cosplay

Wow, this is just so great and amazing! I just love these pokemon and Sailor Moon cosplay girls so much, they are talented and imaginative. How could they do this fantastic cosplay? Although I already knew that there are so many geniuses who are good at creating outstanding things, I was shocked when I saw them. Well done!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Minun Cosplay Girl

Generally speaking, Pokemon Minun cosplay is one of the ideal ideas for cosplayers who are looking for simple costumes; of course, there are some special cosplayers who are so talented that they could design complicated clothes all the time. Minun is an Electric-type pokemon with cream color and blue markings, blue signs on checks, long, flat ears, yeah, it is quite a cute species.
picture credit
So, when it comes to cosplay pokemon Minun, all colors we need are blue and cream, and as for what style would be designed for this pokemon, such as dress, skirt, shirt, coat, pants or others, it totally depends on cosplayer’s interest. And this cosplay girl dresses up as a lovely Minun by wearing one-piece blue dress, white gloves and silver shoulder-length wig; apparently, she chose the simple and cute style clothes. What do you think of her pokemon Gijinka cosplay?
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