Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Mareep Copslay

Here again is pokemon gijinka Mareep cosplay I am going to share with you. When speaking of Pokemon, the various monsters would be the most attractive thing in our heart and of course each of us has got our respective favorite pokemon. It looks like that these lovely things would easily capture our heart, generally, they have cute appearance and innocent charming that we canot resist. 

The same as pokemon Mareep, it is an adorable species that is electric-type pokemon and a lamb-like creature with a long tail and a yellow ball at the tip. It has yellow fleece, the dark blue body and round ears. How cute it is!
Picture Credit
 Hence, pokemon Mareep cosplay is a great choice for cute girls to show enchanting looks among mountains of cosplayers at shows. It is a safe be that this Mareep cosplay girl would attract tons of people.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Pokemon Team Magma Grunt Cosplay

If you are a big fan of pokemon, and then pokemon Team Magma Grunts cosplay would be an interesting and pleasant choice for you to enjoy meaningful show. As a matter of fact, pokemon cosplayis an intriguing activity to both girls and boys, right? We all get hooked on this type of special and popular series.

Picture Credit

Hence, it is quite amazing to do what we love, and that is the common wish that every one of us want to do in our life, and we cannot help laughing with big smiles that other people could easily find from our face.

    Obviously, pokemon Team Magma Grunts cosplay is really a cool choice for group cosplay.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sexy Pokemon Officer Jenny Cosplay

When it comes to popular and sexy pokemon cosplay, Officer Jenny would be included in the list. More often than not, female police always looks so sexy in our heart, righ? Hence, pokemon Officer Jenny is of course quite sexy in the eyes of boys and girls.

Picture Credit

The same as pokemon Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny has same uniform with exception of the symbols in their caps (which are different depending on region). They have different appearances in the different series of Pokemon including the hairstyle and uniforms.
This is the rreally sexy pokemon Officer Jenny cosplay showed by this beautiful and zoftick girl. She has beautiful green wig, the cool blue and red police cap and cosplay costume. I love this Officer Jenny, please arrest me!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sexy Pokemon Lugia Cosplay

Hey, this is really sexy and cute pokemon Lugia cosplay, so I want to share it with you guys ^^ And this beautiful cosplayer Trance does a cool job. I ship all the things about her cosplay, the long silver wig is pretty, the ears are cute, the cosplay costume is really great and she looks charming, it is a safe bet that a good many of us would be attracted by her when we see her Lugia cosplay, right?

Picture Credit
There are so many girls are into pokemon Lugia cosplay, one the one hand it is a creative job that we could display our unqiue Lugia based on our creation, and Lugia is really a cute pokemon, yeah, girls always cannot resist the cute things on the other hand. 

Pokemon Lugia is a large creature and looks like a dragon and bird with mostly pale silver-white skin, while there are blue and other tones. Lugia has long slender necks and large wings. Plus, there are the spike-like protrusions on its back and at the end of its tail. Any of us could do this pokemon cosplay as long as we like.

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