Friday, February 1, 2013

Sexy Pokemon Lugia Cosplay

Hey, this is really sexy and cute pokemon Lugia cosplay, so I want to share it with you guys ^^ And this beautiful cosplayer Trance does a cool job. I ship all the things about her cosplay, the long silver wig is pretty, the ears are cute, the cosplay costume is really great and she looks charming, it is a safe bet that a good many of us would be attracted by her when we see her Lugia cosplay, right?

Picture Credit
There are so many girls are into pokemon Lugia cosplay, one the one hand it is a creative job that we could display our unqiue Lugia based on our creation, and Lugia is really a cute pokemon, yeah, girls always cannot resist the cute things on the other hand. 

Pokemon Lugia is a large creature and looks like a dragon and bird with mostly pale silver-white skin, while there are blue and other tones. Lugia has long slender necks and large wings. Plus, there are the spike-like protrusions on its back and at the end of its tail. Any of us could do this pokemon cosplay as long as we like.

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