Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yellow Pokmeon Psyduck Cosplay

Pokemon Psyduck cosplay is intesting and adorable in the eyes of the cosplayers because of the cute appearance of Psyduck and the cute color yellow. Psyduck is a water-type pokemon and looks like a yellow dark, its vacant stare makes it quite kawaii. There are three clusters of hair at the top of the head. It walks on its hind legs. Plus, Psyduck has stubby tail and arms with three claws on each.
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There are so many cute and creative Psyduck cosplays that made by cosplay girls and boys dressing the yellow cosplay costumes, such as the dress, hoddie and pants. It seems that they could attract us easily whatever they wear. It can be a very easy cosplay and also be complex one that totally depends on you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pokemon Trainer Cynthia Cosplay

When we are into some kind of cosplay, more often than not, it is because of the fact that we love the character or the clothes hold our interest. In terms of pokemon Cynthia cosplay, some girls are fond of the black costume and the long hair, meanwhile, some of the cosplay girls are really fond of Cynthia for that she is a great pokemon trainer. Anyhow, we are attracted by Cynthia cosplay.

As for Cynthia, she is one of powerful pokemon trainers, cares for all the pokemon including good and bad ones. She has long blonde hair which makes her sexy and charming. And on my part, this pokemon cosplay is suitable for both mature and cute girls. It seems that the color of black always reveals a feeling of mysteriousness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pokemon Trainer Dawn Cosplay

More often than not, when speaking of pokemon cosplay, like Misty and Red, Dawn must be one of the characters that come to our mind at first. It can be said that Dawn cosplay has become the classical one in the eyes of the pokemon fans and cosplayers. Hence, we could enjoy countless impersonators dressing the typical costume including white hat, blue hair/wig, black top, pink skirt and boots.
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Pokemon Dawn is a tough, hasty, active and lovely girl, it seems that happiness and laughter is always come along with her, for which she could bring good mood and happiness to all the people who around her. If you are a happy girl or want to bring others happiness, you should try pokemon trainer Dawn cosplay.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pokemon Glaceon Cosplay

Pokemon Glaceon cosplay is one of the best cosplay choices for girls who want to try the creative and unique style. Glaceon is a fox-like pokemon with light blue fur, the same most of the pokemon in the series, it is quite cute. There is a toque on its head, and dark blue spots on the inner ears, back, tail and feet, while the deep blue colors look like a pair of boots on its feet.
Picture Credit

Picture Credit

Pokemon Glaceon mainly has two colors all over its body that is an easy job for us to create the cosplay costume, namely, light blue and dark blue. And it seems that girls are more creative than boys because we could find a lot of amazing Glaceon cosplay shown by girls.
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