Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adorable Pokemon Gijinka Minccino Cosplay Girl

How many of you are attacted by pokemon Minccino? It looks like that any animal with big eyes and small body would be quite adorable to most girls. And this cute little thing Chillarmy is suck kind of pokemon. It can be said that there would be lots of girls and boys are fond of it, with no exception of cosplayers.

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As regards to pokemon Minccino, it is white species and looks like a chinchilla, with bushy and long tail. There is a tuft of hair on the head and neck, along with pink fur inside ears.

Obviously, this pokemon gijinka Minccino cosplay girl does great job on displaying vivid Chillarmy, the beautiful white hair, the large ears and the simple but cute costume, along with other cute things, she totally make a great pokemon cosplay.

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