Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cute Pokemon Meowth Cosplay

This is really a cute and beautiful pokemon Meowth cosplay that I found on Deviantart, the cosplayer’s name is Mandy comes from Germany, absolutely a charming girl. She is undoubtedly an excellent impersonator.
Meowth is one of the most well-known pokemon bears resemblance to cat. It is kawaii in the eyes of the pokemon fans and the cosplayers, ordinarily to the girls. In this way, this is one of the popular cosplay choices for the girls.
As the picture shows, she brings Meowth to us and looks vivid as her imitated character. The cute wig, the beautiful cosplay costume and the other details are eye-catching. And generally we won’t look back again in front of some of the cosplays because of different reasons, but as for this pokemon cosplay, I would be willing to have a look at it again and again, actually I cannot help doing that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pokemon Team Rocket Executive Lance Cosplay

    Yay! I found this pokemon Team Rocket executive Lance cosplay on Pokecosplay.tumblr. This pokemon cosplayer is from Japanese. But I cannot get more information about him because I don’t know Japanese L Anyhow he shows a fantastic job to us, right? He finishes a perfect pokemon cosplay. So I think I should put this one on my blog and share it with you.

Team Rocket Lance is a man full of characteristic. He has green hair and is the cruelest member of Tem Rocket. Maybe just because of this he could stand out among the tons of pokemon characters and allure cosplayers to put focus on him. To tell the truth, he is really a great choice for us to display marked cosplay.
As for this Lance pokemon cosplay, I love his hat, wig, the cosplay costume, boots and other accessories, yeah, I love everything about his work.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cool Pokemon Volkner Cosplay

In my view, pokemon cosplay is always such kind of type which is easy but impressive and unique, for that we could find all kinds of characters for our respective shows, such as cute, beautiful, cool and sexy and so forth, it can be said that this series is one of the hottest and easiest cosplay for us. I love pokemon cosplay and have tried different characters, because there are so many pokemon girls and boys capture my hearts.
    Pokemon Volkner is one of my favorite characters, but it seems that I cannot do this imitation very well, however, I found this amazing Volkner cosplay, yay, I was shocked by this picture at my first sight. I love the blue coat and the wig very much. In a word, this cosplay boy does a fantastic job in portraying Volkner.
This pokemon Volkner cosplay is also an easy one for us, and both boys and girls could try it as long as we like.
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