Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cute Pokemon Meowth Cosplay Girls

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       Pokemon Meowth is one of the cutest members of pokemon. And we know that it is one member of the Team Rocket, together with Jessie and James. When it comes to its appearance, the cute animal cat would come to our mind, it bears resemblance to cat, the big head, the big eyes and the big mouth make Meowth very lovely.
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picture credit
       What style of clothes would you make for cosplaying pokemon Meowth if you are going to dress up as this cute pokemon? Here are some great cosplayers who wear different creative cosume.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beautiful Pokemon Kamitsure Cosplay Girls

cosplay by Mihune

        Cosplay pokmeon Kamitsure is an idea choice for slim and tall girls to show their good figure to the fullest by dressing the sexy and beautiful costume. As the fashion model and gym leader in Pokemon, Elesa is a very popular and beautiful character. Thereby, cosplay Kamitsure is one of the pop ideas with cosplayers all around the world.
picture credit
cosplay by Sinonome Yuna
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 These beautiful cosplay girls look quite sexy and beautiful in the typical costume of Elesa, incudes yellow and black suit and short yellow hair, along with the cute earpiece.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pokemon Gijinka Corsola Cosplay with Pink Hair

If you just dyed you hair pink or have pink wig, or you are looking for pink-haired character for your costume play, cosplay pokemon Corsola would be a good idea.
picture credit
Comparing with many other pokemon, Corsola is not very popular choice with girls and boys, so, if you also don’t want to the common or overly pop cosplay, this pokemon cosplay is also a nice idea.
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