Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pokemon Human Form Umbreon Cosplay

The same as lots of pokemon, Umbreon is a popular and funny cosplay idea for girls and boys to be different beautiful, sexy, cute and cool pokemon Umbreon in human form. Due to its great popularity, plenty of males and females are fond of this pokemon cosplay.
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We know that Umbreon is the Dark type of Pokemon, a glistening black little cute with slick fur, and it is known as the “Moonlight Pokemon” for its yellow rings glisten in the moonlight. It has black and yellow colors on its body, hence, we need to design our own costume depends on these two colors. And then what kind of the human cosplay outfit we want to wear totally depends on our creation.

These pokemon human form Umbreon cosplay girls look really cool!
Try this online cosplay site: Trustedeal to get different versions of Umbreon’s cosplay costume:
➳➳➳Just show them your pictures to custom-tailor it if you have your own costume idea. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Funny Pokemon Gijinka Dragonair Cosplay

        As the Dragon-type pokemon, Dragonair is a cute and popular cosplay idea for both boys and girls to display recognizable and funny looks by wearing different styles of costumes and hairstyles. There are so many impersonators obsessed with pokemon gijinka Hakuryu cosplay that we could enjoy lots of sexy, beautiful and cute Dragonair all the time.
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White and blue are the main colors of this pokemon; in addition, it has dark violet eyes, a small horn in the middle of its foreheadand two white wings on its head, along with one blue orb on its neck and two near the tip of its tail.

This pokemon gijinka cosplay is also a good chance for cosplayers to design and creat interesting and distinctive costumes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beautiful Pokemon Gijinka Suicune Cosplay Girl

This blue and purple pokemon gijinka Suicune cosplay is always a popular idea for girls to display various types of charming looks, some are beautiful like this one in the pictures, some are cute while some are very sexy and creative (every human version of Suicune is original and individual).

picture credit
As for pokemon Suicune, it is a water-type blue mammal-like type and has elegant and slim white diamond-shaped spots and white underside. In addition, Suicune has purple and cape-like mane on its head, two white streamer-like tails and a long white snout. The long purple mane just likes the hair of an attractive and beautiful girl. Hence, cosplay girls should give this creative job a try.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sexy Pokemon Gijinka Umbreon Cosplay Girl

What type of Pokemon gijinka Umbreon cosplay have you done? What style of costume is the one that would attract your focus easily? Undoubtedly, we have seen a lot of human Umbreon forms, but this sexy cosplay girl is one of the best, do you agree? I love the design of the whole creation, the cute large ears, the bra style of the top, the shorts with yellow belt, the long scarf, the socks and the beautiful curl hair, everthing looks so cute; in addition, this cosplayer is a very cute and beautiful girl.
picture credit

Probably, there are many people want to have such kind of pokemon Umbreon and want to bring her to home :D

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Flaaffy Cosplay Girls

The same as pokemon Mareep cosplay, gijinka Flaaffy cosplay is also a cute idea for girls to be very adorable and impreesive. As the Electric-type pokemon, Mokoko evolves from Merriep and is a pink, bipedal, sheep-like pokemon with white mane of wool curls on its head extending to torso, small blue eyes and long black stripes tails with a blue orb on the tip of it.
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This cute pokemon is of course a popular and good idea for girls who want to dress cute and pink style of anime costumes. These pokemon gijinka Flaaffy cosplay girls do show us really cute and beautiful looks.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sexy Pokemon Gijinka Rayquaza Cosplay

Have ever imagine that the large, green, serpentine pokemon Rayquaza would become a sexy and alluring lady? Or have you done this pokemon gijinka cosplay? Personally, I am deathly afraid of any thing that is similar with snake, hence, this sky high pokemon would scare me easily. 

picture credit

However, I am attracted by these sexy and creative pokemon gijinka Rayquaza cosplay girl, they are amazing, the long braid, the cool and sexy costume; even her eyes are so vivid. She is not scary but appealing.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sexy Pokemon X and Y Team Flare Bryony Cosplay

picture credit
This is really impressive and sexy pokemon X and Y Team Flare Bryony cosplay, and she is the best I have ever seen. We know that the new series Pokemon XY gains a lot of boys and girls’ attention since it appears in our life. And many cosplayers are falling in love with each character. And Bryony is becoming an attractive idea.
As for pokemon Bryony (Bara), she is one of the five Team Flare scientists in Pokemon X and Y, yeah, she is one of the members of antagonistic team. She has necl-length green hair and wears green goggles, plus sexy uniform and boots.This pokemon cosplay would make girls really eye-catching.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beautiful Pokemon X and Y Trainer Serena Cosplay

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As the female protagonist of Pokemon X and Y, Serena is becoming a well-liked and popular cosplay idea for girls to be beautiful and fashionable. As for cosplayers, pokemon trainers are always the ideal and attractive choices for them to be recognizable and cool.

Since the newly series of Pokemon X and Y comes to our life, Serena becomes a popular cosplay idea. The pretty girl who has dark long blonde hair and blue-gray eyes, and wears a light red hat with sunglasses, a black top, an red skirt, black thigh high socks, and black shoes, along with a pink bag, becomes the focus of party and cons at once.

This Pokemon XY trainer Serena cosplay girl looks very beautiful and cute, together with the kawaii pokemon Froakie.
Try this online cosplay site: Trustedeal to get Serena’s cosplay costume:
➳➳➳Just show them your pictures to custom-tailor it if you have your own costume idea. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cute Pokemon Trainer Caitlin Cosplay Girl

       As a Master Psychic-type Trainer, Pokemon Caitlin (Cattleya) is beautiful and impressive girl because of her long curly light brown/blonde hair, and she also looks elegant in simple but pretty white and pink dress.

If you have long curly hair or wig, pokemon trainer Caitlin would make you an eye-catching member at party or cons. Take a look at this cute cosplay girl, she is quite attractive, the dress make her quite girly and fascinating.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Easy Pokemon Trainer Green Leaf Cosplay

The same as most of pokemon girls, trainer Green (Leaf) is an easy but specific cosplay idea, of course, she is quite popular with cosplayers. It is because of this fact that Green is a cunning and astute girl who has long brown hair and blue eyes. Green is also a master of disguise that she could make herself look like anyone she wants.

The same as Pokemon Red cosplay, Green also has captured tons of girls’ heart. The simple costume comes with red and white hat, blue top without sleeves and red pleated skirt, and the average staure are quite well-liked by different cosplay girls.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pokemon Black and White Trainer Cheren Cosplay

picture credit

Pokemon black and white Cheren is one of the pop cosplay ideas for girls and boys to enjoy special fun. In addition, if you are wearing glasses, and then Cheren would be an ideal choice. The same as most of the pokemon characters, he also has simple costumes, one of the typical outfit is in the form of blue jacket, white and red shirt and black pants. Trainer Cheren has black hair and blue eyes.

Due to his average body shape and fair skin, cosplay girls and boys are into this pokemon boy. And the distinctive Cheren costume, hairdo and the glasses would make any of us recognizable.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pokemon Black and White Cosplay Girls and Boys

Pokemon Black and White cosplay has attracted so many girls and boys that we could find a lot of related cosplays all the time. One of the main reasons is that there are plenty of cute and cool characters from this series, such as Touko, Touya, N, Cheren, Bianca and Kyouhei so many others. To dress up as our favorite character is full of enjoyment, which is why tons of cosplayers are doing pokemon cosplay.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Cute Pokemon Mei Cosplay Girls

Are you huge fan of pokemon Mei? Have you ever done this pokemon cosplay? What do you think of these two Rosa cosplay girls? They are really cute and sweet, right? And two of them do show us accurate Mei by attiring the long brown hair, the recognizable but simple costume and the other accessories.
As for Pokemon Rosa, she would make cosplay girls cute and recognizable all the time, that girl who has long brown hair and blue eyes is always a good idea for girls.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cute Pokemon Ethan Cosplay Boys and Girls

Pokemon Ethan cosplay is always a good idea and popular choice for both girls and boys to enjoy interesting fun. The cap, the red top and pants are also in simple style, which is the same as most of the pokemon girls and boys. Gold is a caring boy who has gained a good many of fans all around the world. Let’s enjoy all these cute and good pokemon Hibiki cosplay together!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Azumarill Cosplay in Blue Dress

picture credit

This pokemon gijinka Azumarill cosplay is one of the cutest forms, although there are so many beautiful, cute and sexy designs of Azumarill. I love her long blue wig that looks very beautiful, and the two large ears make her quite cute, the blue stockings and white heels are one of the highlights. As for the onepiece blue and white dress, it is the most excellent parts of this whole pokemon cosplay. I want that costume:D

As the Water-type pokemon, Azumarill is also an adorable type with two large and floppy ears in red and blue colors, oval body shape, short blue arms with no fingers, along with a distinctive zigzag tail with a blue ball at the end. Pokemon Marill mainly has two colors, namely, blue and white, hence, we could create any style of cosplay costume based on them. In aadition, it is a great Halloween idea for both girls and boys.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cute Pokemon Black and White Touya and Touko Cosplay

This pair of pokemon black and white Touya and Touko cosplay looks very cute. The costumes, the hair (not sure if they wear wig or just use their real hair), the pokemon and other details make them really charming. I love this couple cosplay.
As a matter of fact, pokemon Hilbert and Hilda are really good ideas for good friends’ cosplay or couple cosplay. Touya has neck-length brown hair and brown eyes while Touko has long curl hair and blue eyes, their costumes are also in simple style, especially Hilda’s, we could make a closet cosplay easily.
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