Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cute or Sexy Pokemon Marill Cosplay?

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         Cute or sexy pokemon Marill cosplay, which type do you prefer? Different people have different tastes. Some of us really cannot resist the cue things in our life while some think that sexy things are hot and passionate. As for this pokemon cosplay, the girl in the blue and white looks indeed cute and beautiful, right? I was attracted by her at first sight. The blue wig, the blue and pink ears, the cute tail and the dress make her a vivid Marill.
Picture Credit

And the other cosplay girl wears blue bikini-styled top and the sexy skirt, which makes her sexy, and I also love her blue wig, it is beautiful. It is hard for me to make choice between two of them, so I vote for both:D

As the water-type pokemon, Marill is a small blue species. It has spherical boday shape, round ears, short arms and feet and a zigzagging black tail with a blue, bubble-like ball on the end of it. Pokemon Marill is quite kawaii, hence, more girls are interested in this pokemon.

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