Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cute Pokemon Cubone Cosplay Girls

Picture Credit
        Today are the cute and sexy pokemon Cubone cosplay girls I am going to share with you. When speaking of the word “bone”, the kawaii Cubone would come to our mind at first as long as we are the big fan of Pokemon. The special and noticeable skull on its head is the remarkable feature, and probably because of this, a lot of cosplayers are interested in this pokemon cosplay.

cosplayer photographer

Here are the lovely pokemon Cubone cosplay girls; each of them wears distinctive Cubone clothes, and the skull on their head looks quite eye-catching. This is an easy cosplay except the skull. What style of outfit we want to dress totally depends on our imagination and creation.

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  1. Hey! I'm the Cubone in the bottom picture. You must've gotten that off Otacool since that's the only place it's not watermarked. Would you mind crediting me ( ) and my photographer ( )? Thanks!


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