Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Noticeable Pokemon Lenora Cosplay

Yeah, this pokemon Gym Leader Lenora is really a good choice for the cosplayers who have tan skin, do you think so? Maybe it just because of the special outsite appearance if this pokemon character, it llok like that there are not so many cosplay girls are interted in this imitation :p And we seldom could find Lenora cosplay in the cosplay cons or other oaccasions.
But put the cosplay aside, there are still a lot of fans of Lenora because of the unique features of her. She is the Normal-type leader, has curl blue hair with the belt tying them over her head, the typical outfit is in the form of white top and the blue pans, and the most noticeable feature is her dark skin.

So, this is an easy cosplay. If you also have tan skin and want to be eye-catching in the show, this pokemon cosplay would be a good choice.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pokemon Gym Leader Falkner Cosplay

As one of Gym Leader in Pokemon, Falkner is also the popular cosplay choice for the cosplay boys and girls. Pokemon Falkner specializes in Flying-type pokemon, has neck-length blue hair with his right face covering by his hair and blue/black eyes.
Picture Source

The same as the most of the pokemon characters, Falkner is an easy cosplay. His typical cosplay costume is in the form of blue shirt with short light blue coat outside, blue shorts, plus black wristwears.
The cosplayer in picture shows us a vivid pokemon Falkner cosplay. The blue wig and the cosplay outfit look the same as the imitated character has. I love her cosplay, yeah, this cosplay girl is doing genderbending cosplay. She does a cool job.

Friday, April 6, 2012

We could Always Find Inspiration in Pokemon Cosplay

Hey, guys! If you are looking for easy but creative cosplay, pokemon cosplay would be the ideal choice for any of us, do you think so? Since there are so many pokemon in the whole series, yeah, more often than not, we cannot tell their name one by one. However, I am sure that each monster looks really cute and adorable and has held a good many of people’s interest respectively. 
Picture Source
For example, I have seen a lot of different cosplay girls and boys cosplayed Pikachu in various kinds of cosplay cons in different designs of Pikachu costumes, some are kawaii, some are sexy and some are cool, which totally depends on the imagination and skill of the cosplayer. Aside from Pikachu, such as Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff and Meowth cosplay, we could make any of our favorite cosplay outfit based on the outside appearance of the pokemon.
Now, it time to take action and to prepare for you pokemon cosplay. It lies always in your hand.
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