Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pokemon Gym Leader Falkner Cosplay

As one of Gym Leader in Pokemon, Falkner is also the popular cosplay choice for the cosplay boys and girls. Pokemon Falkner specializes in Flying-type pokemon, has neck-length blue hair with his right face covering by his hair and blue/black eyes.
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The same as the most of the pokemon characters, Falkner is an easy cosplay. His typical cosplay costume is in the form of blue shirt with short light blue coat outside, blue shorts, plus black wristwears.
The cosplayer in picture shows us a vivid pokemon Falkner cosplay. The blue wig and the cosplay outfit look the same as the imitated character has. I love her cosplay, yeah, this cosplay girl is doing genderbending cosplay. She does a cool job.

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