Thursday, December 19, 2013

Funny Pokemon Gijinka Dragonair Cosplay

        As the Dragon-type pokemon, Dragonair is a cute and popular cosplay idea for both boys and girls to display recognizable and funny looks by wearing different styles of costumes and hairstyles. There are so many impersonators obsessed with pokemon gijinka Hakuryu cosplay that we could enjoy lots of sexy, beautiful and cute Dragonair all the time.
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picture credit

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White and blue are the main colors of this pokemon; in addition, it has dark violet eyes, a small horn in the middle of its foreheadand two white wings on its head, along with one blue orb on its neck and two near the tip of its tail.

This pokemon gijinka cosplay is also a good chance for cosplayers to design and creat interesting and distinctive costumes.

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