Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yellow Pokmeon Psyduck Cosplay

Pokemon Psyduck cosplay is intesting and adorable in the eyes of the cosplayers because of the cute appearance of Psyduck and the cute color yellow. Psyduck is a water-type pokemon and looks like a yellow dark, its vacant stare makes it quite kawaii. There are three clusters of hair at the top of the head. It walks on its hind legs. Plus, Psyduck has stubby tail and arms with three claws on each.
Picture Credit
Picture Credit

There are so many cute and creative Psyduck cosplays that made by cosplay girls and boys dressing the yellow cosplay costumes, such as the dress, hoddie and pants. It seems that they could attract us easily whatever they wear. It can be a very easy cosplay and also be complex one that totally depends on you.

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