Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pokemon Gijinka Luxray Cosplay

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We cannot deny that pokemon gijinka Luxray cosplay is a cool type of choice for both boys and girls to show characteristic cosplay (of course, each Pokemon is unique:)) And we could find that there are a lot of cosplayers are into this species, some of them are really cool and some of them are sexy, while some are quite special.

Personally, I am easily attracted by the male pokemon gijinka Luxray cosplay which is so alluring, the main reason is that I am a girl:p At the same time, girls’ Luxray cosplay is also outstanding and attractive.

As the Electric-type pokemon, Luxray has the appearance of lion, there are gold rings on the backs of legs, the main color of its body are blue and black, plus a long black tail with a gold star shape on the tip. Hence, based on the three colors, we could make any type of cosplay costumes as long as we like, and what kind of pokemon gijinka Luxray cosplay we finally display totally depends on our imagination and skill.

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