Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Minun Cosplay

What a cute pokemon Minun cosplay it is! Minun is adorable creature itself and this cute cosplay girl Merychan shows up a really lovely Minin by beautiful long blue wig and cute cosplay costume. I love this pokemon gijinka cosplay. And the pretty red-haired girl is portraying Plusle, she is also cute.

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As the Electric-type pokemon, Minun is one of the cutest members among the hundreds of pokemon. It has large blue ears, and there are blue-colored circles on its cheeks and forepaws and tail, besides the color of blue, another one is light yellow covers the rest part of its body, except eyes, dot-like nose and mouth.

This pokemon cosplay is also an easy choice for us to display cute and girly appearance at cons. And what type of costume we want to put on to present Minun totally depends on us, it is a creative job!

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