Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cute Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay

Cute thing would be always one of the most attractive things to girls, right? The same as Pokemon Pikachu:) And one of the best way to express our affection to someone or something is to dress up as them in the cosplay cons and the parties, yeah, that is to say cosplay Pikachu would help us express ourselves to the fullest by wearing the kawaii Pikachu costume.

Like what the two cosplayers do in the pics. They looks really adorable and cute, the yellow costume is in the form of one-piece hooded suit, the eyes and the ears of Pikachu on the hood makr the outfit so vivid, it can be said that any of us put on this suit would look quite visual and lovely. And the great feast Christmas is coming up; to dress up as kawaii Pokemon Pikachu would be a cool plan for it.

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