Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adorable Pokemon Magikarp Cosplays

Aha, Pokemon Magikarp cosplay is really interesting and looks so adorable. It looks like that each cosplay could display cute Magikarp, probably because it has kawaii outside looks itself and we could always feel the unique charm of Magikarp.
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Magikarp is a Water-type pokemon in the form of reddish orange fish in medium size, plus the large and heavy scales, fins and long barbells, in one word, it looks the same as the normal fish.
In this way, the same as the other pokemon cosplays, this is also a creative job and we could dress any clothes of Magikarp as long as we like. And it is a safe bet that we could acctract a lot of people in whatever cosplay costume as long as it belongs to Magikarp.

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