Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pokemon Lugia Cosplay

Although pokemon Lugia is a genderless species, it look like that cosplay girls are more into this pokemon and boys are more into the Shadow Lugia. Ok, today’s topic is pokemon Lugia cosplay J The same as the other species, this one is a creative and interesting choice for us to display different kinds of Lugia in the shows. It could be quite easy or very complicated as long as we like, which totally depends on us. We could easily find various styles of Lugia cosplayers in the activities.
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From the outside appearance of pokemon Lugia, it is a large creature and looks like a dragon and bird with mostly pale silver-white skin, meanwhile; there are blue and other tones. Lugia has long slender necks and large wings. Plus, there are the spike-like protrusions on its back and at the end of its tail.
In this way, two main colors must be included in our Lugia cosplay costume, namely, silver-white and blue. And then we could create any style of outfit for this pokemon cosplay. Here are some creative ones, which one do you like?

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