Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cosplay Pokémon Iris with Your Heart

More often than not, the most notable feature of pokemon Iris is the color of her skin, the tan and the special hairdo. So she is the first and ideal choice for those cosplayers whose skin is in a dark color. When it comes to the pokemon Iris cosplay costumes, one of them is composed of the yellow and pink coat along with a bowknot on the bottom and the short pants, which represents a complete pokemon character.

Cosplaying Iris from Pokémon is truly in need of a skill and experience. If you are not a practiced cosplayer, and here I suggest you do not start this genre. I mean it. Since the image of Iris is specially feature, her hair and her skin, if are in lack of experience, and you will have no idea that how to portray a perfect Iris. Because you must have the same figure, the same skin and the behavior as her, as for the hair, you could purchase a same pokemon Iris wig from the seller, or you will be disappointed, so will the others.
In this way, cosplay pokemon Iris is something has difficulty, however, on the other hand, as long as you are a zealous fan of Iris, I’m sure that you could impersonate her with your full heart.

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