Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pokemon Trainer Red Cosplay

For the reason that the cosplay becomes a fashionable act throughout the world and cosplaying pokemon trainer red naturally forms a hot trend. As one of the main characters in the pokemon series, Red also gains his own followers among the other roles. For this reason, portraying Red is one of the highlights in the activity. 
Especially, by means of the Red cospaly costume, which is a remarkable one among the various styles of pokemon trainer cosplay outfits, cosplayers could display their lifestyle and values, what’s more, they could feel the exact details of Red, since he is an active and cheerful boy who falls in deep love with pokemon, and these imitators could experience the feeling of being a pokemon trainer.
Cosplaying Red is not only a way of impersonating the role of Red from the appearance, but also a way of expressing the strong passion of Red in the aspect of acts, words and thoughts or the deeper thing. It is also a manner of displaying the personal lifestyle and values. In addition, it is a good time to share the same interest with other cosplayers in the cosplay activity, which will be a wonderful experience when have the pokemon trainer red cosplay costumes.
 Cosplaying Red to be a pokemon trainer now! There must be something unforgettable in your cosplay journey.


  1. where can i buy/find those smaller pokeballs as well as the bigger one in your hand? and how did you get them to stay on your belt. (im going to try to cosplay as red for halloween)

  2. Sorry, that's not me but a great pokemon cosplayer i found by chance :) but you could make the balls on your own,and you could try the glue to stick them on the belt or something else >.<
    Enjoy your Halloween!


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