Monday, May 23, 2011

Bask in the Pokémon Misty Cosplay

Obviously, Pokémon Misty cosplay holds extreme interest of the countless cosplayers, and meets many imitators’ appetites for a different kind of cosplay. And you could know the exact felling of it only if you have a try about this activity of impersonating. And choose one of your favorite characters from Pokémon, and then get the corresponding  cospaly costume before heading to the show.
When it comes to the Misty cosplay outfits, her classic looks is composed of yellow jacket, short shorts with suspenders, and board shoes along with short orange hair, which is a simple but quite cute. More often than not, most of the fans of Misty would select this piece for their cosplay. Since from her appearance, she is such kind of girl who is kinda mature and has quick action with somewhat violence, but she is actually a girl possesses tenderness and kindness at heart. So, cosplaying Misty is a sort of interesting and meaningful thing to do.
If you are the same as Misty in the Pokemon, it will be much easier for you to imitate her and make you the one hundred percent sameness as her. Or if you are not the same as her, and just want to experience a different feel that is totally unlike the one in your daily life, which is a quite good idea. Anyhow, you would have a unforgettable taste as long as you try this one.

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