Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pokemon Gym Leader Liza and Tate Cosplay

As for this couple of pokemon Gym Leader, Liza and Tate cosplay is really suitable for twin cosplay or two girls cosplay, do you agree with me? What is more, if you prefer the simple but special style, this pokemon cosplay would up your alley.

Liza and Tate are the Psychic-type Gym Leader and they have the dual-typed pokemon all the way. They look the same except their hairstyles, as Liza hangs down her hair at the two sides of his shoulder while Tate ties all her hair up on her head. In terms of their costumes, they are in the same form, namely, the blue top with light red at the hem of the clothes and short sleeves, plus blue trousers with light red hem.
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So, twins cosplayers, of course means girls, this is an easy cosplay for you, if you are the fresh cosplayer, this is an ideal choice. And if you are experienced impersonator, this would help you to display an eye-catching cosplay in the show.

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