Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay

If you are the fan of Pokemon Black and White and eager to bring the character into reality, cosplay Cheren is of course the best way. And at the same time, he is one of the hot choices for the pokemon cosplayers. As one of the rivals in this series, Cheren is highly gifted and faithful to player, and he often gives the player character advice and trains the player’s skills.
Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay
Pokemon Cheren cosplay is enjoyable that either boy or girl show interest in this impersonating. And we could notice that many cosplay girls do the gender-crossing cosplay in the show while dressing the beatuful cosplay costume. It probably becasuse that he is not so strong or manly as the other characters for the figure or the appearance. Instead, he is thin and cute, in this way he is suitable for both girls and boys.
     More often than not, many of the cosplay girls did a better job than the boys. They really look the same as Cheren including the semblance, the behavior and the sight, as a whole, the whole feeling is great. Anyhow, we could appreciate many of the wonderful pokemon cosplays in the activity.

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