Friday, July 15, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Bianca cosplay

Bianca is one of the female rivals in Pokemon Black and White and has a mighty heart. Besides, she is innocent but is not so reliable sometimes. Anyhow, there is something attractive and interesting that make many of the cosplay girls focus their attention on this pokemon coosplay.
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As it shows in the picture, the girl wears the ornage shirt-vest with the V neck, the white undershirt and the skirt that goes past the knee and is semi-fitted all the way down, plus the light blue hat and bag. The cosplay costume and the accessories are interesting and distinctive while display a unique style among the other cosplays.
Even though Bianca is not so famous as the moster Pikachu, she is also an outstanding girl in the eyes of her followers representing a patent charm. Weather you are a fan of pokemon or the fan of Bianca, you should try this pokemon Black and White cosplay. And I’m sur that as long as you start it, you will be keen on it.

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