Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pokémon Cosplay: Silver Cosplay

Since the appearance of the Pokémon Golden and Silver, there are a good many of fanatics correspondingly exist. And at the same time, cosplay the charcaters of this game is also becomes popular and holds both boys and girls’ interest deeply. As the protagonist, Silver is a young and quite boy features shoulder-length red hairdo with the ends of the hair curled in a loose roll. In terms of his accoutrement which is made up of jacket with long sleeve and purple pants. It is really a remarkable get-up.
Pokémon Silver Cosplay
It seems that such kind of young and cute character is more attractive to the girls that most of the notable pokemon Silver cosplayers are the girls. Gernerally, this type of imitating, namely the gender-crossing cosplay could more easily win applause of others. On the other hand, boys may pay less attention to this one probably because that Silver is too cute or something else. However, it no longer signifies, and the most important thing is that get enjoyment from our pokenmon cosplay show.
From the picture, I could realize the amazing feeling of this cosplayer, what about you?

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