Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pokemon Cute Charmander Cosplay

What do you think of the Pokémon Charmander cosplay? Charmander firstly appeared in the Pokemon Red and Blue. It is a quite cute and charmming little thing and brings us a lot of fun. The same as the other pokemon species, it captures the heart of the boys and girls.
Pokémon Charmander cosplay
 In regard to cosplay pokemon Charmander, both boys and girls show strong interest in this activity, especially to girls. Generally speaking, all the cute and lovely things are terribly captivating to girls, in this way, not excepting Charmander. The big eyes and mouth, the short legs and the navei tail, all of them display a naïve appearance.
As the cosplay girl in the picture shows, the pokemon cosplay costume looks quite endearing and it is in the form of jumpsuit, meanwhile, the cap shows a special appeal. In addition, the orange and the yellow color add the glamour of the suit. I can image that she would be recognized as the real Charmander form the back. How fun it is! Each cosplayer will display different looks by means of dressing the Charmander clothing, boys and girls; it is time for you to show yourself now!

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