Friday, August 12, 2011

The Pink Pokemon Jigglypuff cosplay

Pokémon Jigglypuff cosplay is one of the popular activities for both boys and girls. As one of the monsters, Jigglypuff makes its first appearance in the video game Pokémon Red and Blue and the subsequent series. When speaking of this pokemon, it is a must to mention something about its outside looks. It is really a cute and attractive little thing which captures the heart of boys and girls. It has big and round head with a pair of big eyes but has short legs, and it can be said that whoever have a look at Jigglypuff would be enamored with it.
Pokemon Jigglypuff Mascot Cosplay
In this way, it is naturally that a large number of cosplayers do this kind of cosplay. There are always different ways of portraying Jigglypuff, such as wear the pink pokemon Jigglypuff hat, dress the pink cosplay costume along with a Jigglypuff-formed umbrella, the Jigglypuff cosplay outfit with a big pair of eyes on the coat or just wear the Jigglypuff mascot or others. The different appearaces totally depend on cosplayers’ imagination and creation; some of them buy the accoutrement while some of them make it by themselves. The only certainty is that each of them could get enjoyment form their cosplay.
 What about yours?

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  1. In 2011 at comic con in San Diego I went as jigglypuff. I made my costume and the plush doll myself. I'll show you the pictures. Just tell me where to post them. My e-mail address is:


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