Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pokemon Misty Cosplay

One friend of mine asks me that if she could buy a long orange wig, the bleach Orihime wig for example for Misty cosplay instead of buying the short one that is similar to Misty’s for that she is afraid that she could not handle the short parts of the wig, and she wants to cut the long wig short. At first, I think she is getting herself in trouble. Why not buy the Misty wig for cosplay, which would be much easier.
However, after much thought I tell her that she could have a try. That is a good way to get the ideal cosplay wig. She loves portraying Misty because it is an easy cosplay and she has the similar body shape as Misty.
In my point of view, it is unnecessary for us to pursuit perfection if we only want to have fun. For example, this cosplay girl doesn’t look totally the same as Misty. Her hair and the yellow T-shirt are some what different as Misty, but we still could recognize her and she is also adorable.

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