Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabulous Pokemon Skyla Cosplay

When speaking of the best pokemon cosplayers, this girl Kotori must be one of them. It can be said that she displays us a similar pokemon Skyla (Fuuro) by her excellent job. She has the perfect faces and body shape as Skyla, what is more, she got the great pokemon costume and make up for herself. The brick red wig looks so beautiful and attractive on my eyes. In a word, she is a fantastic impersonator.

As one of the Gym Leaders, Skyla uses Flying-Type Pokemon in her gym. She is one of my favorite pokemon characters. She looks sexy and active as well as is full of energy. Her accoutrement among the other member is also unique and striking but not so complicated. It is cool and sexy to me.
Cosplay pokemon Skayla is really a good choice for those girls who are into the cute but sexy style of portraying.

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