Friday, January 11, 2013

Hot Pokemon Gym Leader Elesa Cosplay Girls

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Pokemongym leader Elesa (Kamitsure) cosplay is one of the sexy and popular choices in the eyes of the girls, especially those who are into the sexy type of cosplay. Imdeed, this pokemon cosplay is an interesting and easy one like most of the characters of this series.
Some of us do certain imitation is because of our affection to the character, and some of us are attracted by the clothes or the hairstyle or the weapon or the other item of the role, and some are for the other purposes. Anyhow, as the fashion model, pokemon gym leader Kamitsure has gained her fans thoughout the world. Therefore, we could behold a lot of eye-catching pokemon Elesa cosplayers.

picture credit

In addition, Kamitsure specializes in Electric-type Pokemon. Because of her identity of model, she looks fashionable embodying in the short yellow hairdo, yellow and black suit along with the cute earpiece. If you are into stylish clothes or you are fond of sexy cosplay like those hot girls, try this pokemon gym leader Elesa.

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