Monday, October 24, 2011

Pokémon Gym Leader Flannery Cosplay

This is the pokemon gym leader Flannery cosplay by InuKura in the pic. Inukura is a cute girl and a good cosplayer. She shows us an eye-catching Flannery. I love her wig and the cosplay costume very much; they look so hot, really great. Thanks her for sharing us with her cosplay.

As for pokemon Flannery, she is the gym leader and specializes in all Fire-type Pokémon in her gym. Flannery is a girl with strong will and desire to prove herself, which excites me to be a better one in my life. So she is one of my favorite pokemon characters.
Copslay pokemon Flannery is also a good choice for girls. If you are a zealot of Flannery and a cosplay fan as well, I suggust you try this one. Or if you are not a follower of her, you would not regret doing this imitation after your try.

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