Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokémon Cosplay: Gym Leader Erika

This is a beautiful and elegant pokemon cosplay with obvious national cultural trait - the pokemon Erika cosplay, the Kimono is so special. The girl in the picture shows us a piercing Erika, she is a great impersonator. Any of you who want to experience the feeling of dressing the Kimono could try this type of imitation, it not only could help you fulfill your desire to portray your favorite pokemon character, but also offer you the chace to taste the Japanese culture.
by vipersneeker
Yeah, Erika is quite a cute girl in my mind and she is one of the great pokemon Gym Leaders specializing in grass-type pokemon. Probably, most of the cosplay girls do this cosplay is because of the elegant and beautiful Kimomo. Of course there are still many other reasons that cause impersoantors to portray Erika.
In the matter of the cosplay outfit for imitating Erika, it is somewhat easy cosplay for us, what us more, there isn’t any special limitation. Any of us could do this show as long as we like. What we need to prepare is the short hair with a cute hairband, one pretty Kimono and a pair of geta. That’s all.

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