Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sexy Pokémon Elesa Cosplay

Sexy pokemon Elesa cosplay is one of the alluring choices the cosplay girls. Since there are so many famale charcaters of the pokemon series, Elesa could gain her own fans thoughout the world since her appearance in this series that both boys and girls drool over her. Therefore, we could behold a lot of eye-catching pokémon Elesa cosplayers.
When it comes to Elesa, she specializes in Electric-type Pokémon and a fashion model as well as a gym leader in pokemon series. What impresses us most is her sexy and fashionable habiliment, including short yellow hairdo, yellow and black tights along with the cute earpiece. Cosplay pokemon Elesa could make the imitators becomes the focus of the show.
What is more, this pokemon cosplay is quite simple comparing with some of the others. As long as you know something about sewing, it will be easy for you make the cosplay costume by yourself. Do you want to be an attractive girl? Or do you want to taste the feeling of being a fanshion model? Start this pokemon show.

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