Monday, July 29, 2013

Beautiful Pokemon Gijinka Bellossom Cosplay

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      What type of pokemon cosplay have you done so far? What is the most impressive pokemon gijinka Bellossom cosplay have you seen? Different people have different answers. It is can be said that this one would be one of the most beautiful Bellossom, right? The green hair is really shining, and the red and yellow flowers are beautiful, plus the simple but creative cosplay costume, make a great Bellossom.

As the Grass-type pokemon, Kireihana is a cute species in green, yellow and red colors on its body. Hence, when it comes to Bellossom gijinka cosplay, the outfit is based on these three colors. And then what style of clothes we are going to wear totally depends on our creation.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beautiful and Sexy Pokemon Gijinka Jolteon Cosplay

       This is really beautiful and sexy pokemon gijinka Jolteon cosplay! Do you agree? Absolutely! I have to say this cosplayer is very beautiful and she has got enchanting Jolteon dress. She has made creative and outstanding job.
picture credit
As the Electric-type Pokemon, Jolteon is a dog-like species with yellow fur, white spiky collar, short tail, four legs, large and pointed ears, and cosplay pokemon Jolteon is also a pop idea for males and females to display different types of characteristic designs. And what kind of style you want to show totally depends on you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beautiful Pokemon Ho-Oh Cosplay

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This pokemon Ho-Oh cosplay is just amazing! So I want to share it with you pokemon fans. Houhou is a beautiful Fire/Flying pokemon, especially when it flies with its large beautiful wings.
Because I am always clumsy, I cannot imagine that someone could make the complicated and large costume of pokemon Ho-Oh, but this talented cosplayer does it. The eye-catching Ho-Oh fur suit makes her impressive all the way.What a cool Pokemon cosplay!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pop Pokemon Red Cosplay

Pokemon Red cosplay obviously is one of the most attractive and popular trends among other tons of pokemon characters. The cap, the costume and the hair are so identifiable and eye-catching that a lot of girls and boys are obsessed with this boy. Here are some great shots of Red cosplay that I want to share with you pokemon fans.

picture credit
If you are looking for characters in simple cosplay costumes but still looks cool, Pokemon Red is a must-try idea.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Which Pair of Pokemon Gijinka Latias and Latios Cosplay Do You Prefer?

picture credit

Pokemon gijinka Latias and Latios cosplay is quite interesting and catching in the eyes of both girls and boys. Although it has not that much popularity as Pikachu, there are still lots of cosplayers interested in this couple cosplay.

picture credit

And here are three cute and characteristic gijinka Latias and Latios cosplay pairs, each of them is wearing distinctive style of clothes and displaying respective charm, right? Which style do you like best? Or which pair would capture your focus firstly when they appear in fornt of you together?
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