Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pokémon Nurse Joy Cosplay

Pokémon Nurse Joy cosplay seems attractive to the cosplay girls and it would be one of the popular choices among so many other pokemon girls. It is because this fact that the Nurse Joy has a cute and alluring outfit that is the pink nurse uniform. As a matter of fact, Nurse Joy is the name for every member of an identical family of Pokémon nurses, and all of them bear the resemblance to each other, but some do have different personalities and all of them are hospitable, especially to pokemon.

Pokémon Nurse Joy Cosplay
Cosplay pokemon Nurse Joy becomes quite hot, the slim or the fat, the short or the high gilrs are all interest in this one. In fact, this is wondrous cosplay choice for the Halloween or the party. Girls, try to imagine that if every good friend dresses the Joy Nurse suit in the Halloween or a party together, you will feel how wonderful it is! This probably would leave you all something unforgetable.
It can be said that this pokemon cosplay is one of the best choice for both an indivadual and the group. If you are just bothered with the group cosplay selection, I suggest you this one. All of you will create a miracle, try it.

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