Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pokémon Crystal Cosplay

This is the Pokémon Crystal or kris cosplay shows in the picture. The cosplay girl shows us an eye-catching imitation; I have to say she has done an excellent job. Both the cosplay costume and the wig are quite suitable for her. As a whole, she is successful in portraying Crystal and we could know her at the first sight.

Pokémon Crystal Cosplay
Cosplay pokemon Crystal is not a complex job. The cosplay oufit is troublesome for you to make it if you are a skillful sewer. What is more, your usual clothes may be used in place of the shorts and the undervest after somewhat of modifying.
Crystal is a character from Pokémon Adventures and the heroine of the game Pokémon Crystal and one of the pokemon trainers as well. As for her personality, she is energetic, highly intelligent and easygoing. She is good at catching pokemon and is interest in reading. She still holds many of the cosplayers’ interest in doing this type of cosplay because of her personal charisma.

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